Painting by Jean-Baptiste Audry
Jean-Baptiste Oudry
(French, 1686 - 1755 )
Henri Camille, Chevalier de Beringhen, 1722
oil on canvas

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This is a portrait of Henri Camille de Beringhen painted by Jean-Baptiste Oudry in 1722. Camille was Master of the Kings Stables for Louis XV of France and as such he was in charge of organizing the royal hunts.

OK, is this guy a sissy or what?

Let’s check out his attire as described in the National Gallery of Art exhibition catalog by Philip Conisbee:

The twenty-nine-year-old marquis, seated on a knoll at the base of a tree, is dressed in a linen shirt, a pale gray hunting coat lined with teal-blue velvet and trimmed with silver braid and buttons, breeches, and thigh-length boots. Strands of his powdered hair are caught at the back of his head in a black silk ribbon.

Let’s see what a description of my father’s attire might be if someone painted a portrait of him back when I was a teenager and spending the day hunting with him.

The forty-nine-year-old average Joe, seated on a decaying stump, is dressed in a torn grey sweatshirt, a brown hunting coat trimmed with mud, coffee stains, and rips sewn up with black fishing line, no-name jeans lined with long johns, and knee high rubber hunting pacs trimmed with red vulcanized tire patches. Strands of his grizzled hair are topped with an orange hunting cap emblazoned with a jumping fish and the words ‘Black Lake’.

Hunting sure has changed since 1722.


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