Photo of the sky through a metal beam with holes.
Title: Holes
Creator(s): Whitney, Mark, photographer
Date Created/Published: 2009
Medium: Digital

The McGurk Theme

Welcome to the McGurk theme. It’s designed to be clean, minimal, and artsy like its creator, Rufus ‘Three Fingers’ McGurk. Well, the clean part might be a little iffy, meaning Rufus, not the theme.

Read on to learn about McGurk’s unique features that make it especially suited to blogging about visual art. See it in action on the pages and posts of this demo web site. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to look in the ‘theme tips’ category for helpful guides to implement things like secondary images and positioning sharing icons.

Featured images are sized to fit your screen without scrolling. You can see the entire image from top to bottom and side to side all in one go. Portrait oriented image? No problem. Desktop, tablet, or phone? See it all on any device.*

Secondary images. Tired of the computer blindly center cropping your images for post listing displays? Want to show one image as the featured image on a post, but show a different one in post listings? No problem. Just add a secondary image. You decide what one to use and where it’s cropped. See it here: Tail Fins!

Replace the featured image with a shortcode. Install your favorite slider plugin and use a shortcode in place of the featured image. Combine it with a secondary image for list display. See it here: Why Do I Do Abstract Art?

Captions with important descriptions and attributions are automatically displayed below the featured images. While the captions are always shown, they never get in the way by overlaying the images. See it here (everywhere really): Henri Camille de Beringhen

Choose your sharing icon locations. Above the post content, below the content, or both. See it here: Following Some Links

Custom logo. Add a custom logo, title, and tag line and choose where and when to display them.

The basics. Responsive styling. Right to left ready. Print ready. Light or dark theme choice. Single column content area. Two column footer widget area. Drop-down menu bar. Clean easy to read fonts. Threaded comments. Sticky posts. Translation ready.

This theme is based on the WordPress Theme Team’s underscores (_s) theme framework so it should have a pretty good foundation of best practices behind it.

Enjoy.  Rufe.

* Requires a browser that supports CSS Viewport Units. That’s IE 9+, Chrome 20+, Firefox 19+, Opera 15+, Safari 6+, Safari and Chrome for iOS 8+, Android Browser 4.4+, Blackberry 10+. According to the Can I Use website that’s 93% of the world’s browsers.

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