What’s the Deal Here?

Entered California the fall of 1938. En-route to pea harvest in Imperial Valley. Car broke down. by Dorothea Lange - FSA
Title: Entered California the fall of 1938. En-route to pea harvest in Imperial Valley. Car broke down. “Want to get back to Missouri if they ever get the money.” U.S. 99. Tulare, California
Creator(s): Lange, Dorothea, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1939 Feb.
Medium: 1 negative : nitrate ; 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches or smaller.

So what’s the deal with this McGurk blog anyway?

Glad you asked.

Sometimes “Art” can be scary, confusing, and a bit stuffy (OK, a lot stuffy) so hoards of regular folks like you and me avoid it like the plague. The McGurk blog tagline is “Fine Art Meets Kerosene Heaters”. That really sums it up. I want to present art in a way that isn’t intimidating or boring. Art for regular people.

I’m going to do it using my alter ego, Three Fingers McGurk. McGurk is a complex man of many talents (some of them are legal depending on where you live). Check out the link to read more about him and check out this post about why you might want to learn about art from this guy.

My father was a working man. He was an electrician and a mason specifically, but really could turn his hand to just about anything in the building trade. He worked hard supporting our family and had the callused hands to prove it. Although he put his back into his daily work, he was by no means dumb and surprisingly good at drawing whenever we kids could get him to doodle something for us.

I think my father would have liked to experience more art, maybe go to a museum once in a while even, but art museums tend not to be very inviting places for a blue collar guy with adhesive tape on his fingers to cover the holes that the concrete burnt into his skin.

I want this blog to be a place where someone like my father could come and see some “Art” in a friendly humorous sort of a way that doesn’t presume he is an idiot just because the place he works doesn’t have air conditioning. After a hard day at the bottom of a cellar hole, he could take a break and see something a little different when he’s having his coffee after supper.

If my father were still living, would he own a “device” for surfing the net? I think he would. Especially if I showed him that there was some content out there that he’d enjoy.

All the images I post are going to be to the best of my knowledge freely available as far as copyrights go. A lot of stuff gets shared around the web that really shouldn’t be and I don’t want to be in on that. If I can’t find a usable image I’ll try to include a link to an ‘official’ web site otherwise you and your favorite search engine are on your own.

I talked a lot about my father in this page and probably a bunch of the jokes on this blog are going to be “guy humor” because I’m a guy and that’s the shtick here, but I hope it can be enjoyable for everyone whether man, woman, or child. Hey, my mom worked just as hard at home raising my three sisters and me so she could use an art break too.

Now, remember, art sometimes has naked people in it. Just so you are aware in case the kids are watching. I’m not going to post anything really rude or anything, but there might be some clothing optional stuff like Michelangelo’s David or Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Just a heads up.

In summary if I can in some way make art more accessible to John and Jane Q. Public, I’ve done my job.

Well, it’s not really a job since I don’t seem to find a paycheck in my mailbox each Friday. I like to look anyway though – it gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

Rufus “Three Fingers” McGurk

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