Niagara River Rocks
Mark D. Whitney
Digital Photograph

This is Not Niagara Falls

Everyone of course knows about Niagara Falls and the immediate amusement park like surroundings. Not so many people realize that there is more to the river than just the falls. There are park facilities just down the road that are much quieter and less developed. You can walk along the gorge rim overlooking the Niagara River and, if you’re up to it, there are several sets of stairs that take you down to the actual river side.

The locals come down here to fish for steelhead trout. Waiting by the rapids you can often see the fish leaping out of the water as they make their way against the swift current – just like in those nature documentaries on TV although those are usually salmon. To catch one in a photo is like playing the Whack-A-Mole game only way harder. I never was able to pull it off. Maybe I just don’t have enough patience.

It’s better if I stick to photographing the water and the rocks as I did here.



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