Photograph by Mark D. Whitney
Artist: Mark D. Whitney (Sept. 2006)
Media: Digital Photograph

September 2006

Here’s a photo I took after I’d had my first digital camera for a few months. Of course Autumn is a great time for shooting color. The overhanging trees were just starting to turn and their green and yellow light is reflected on the smooth parts of the flowing water. I think it goes well with the brown of the rocks.

Whenever I create long exposure images with lots of movement like in this photo I always try to keep at least some part of the scene focused so that the viewer has a place to rest their eyes. If everything is chaos it can be unsettling and off putting.

For me the resting point of this photo is in the lower middle foreground where one point of stone sticks above the water and is relatively sharp. I would have liked this area to be a bit larger and a bit sharper. I’ve always felt that too much of this scene is moving and there is not enough rest.

This photo is part of a series I’m doing about my switch from using a film camera to using a digital one almost 14 years ago. For some introduction, see the kick off post: Set the WABAC Machine to 2006.

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